Charitable Gift Annuities and other Life Income Gifts

It is not necessary to give up income to make a gift to protect the environment. There are a variety of plans through which you can transfer assets to The Gainesville Fisher House Foundation and receive income.

Generally, a life income gift pays income to you or your chosen beneficiary for a term of years or for life. After the conclusion of the term, or upon the death of the last income beneficiary, the remainder of the life income gift is distributed to The Gainesville Fisher House Foundation. Life income gifts, funded with cash, securities, or real estate, may be made during the donor's lifetime or at death for the benefit of one's heirs. In addition to the satisfaction of creating an enduring legacy for the environment, life income gifts offer a variety of tax, financial, and estate planning advantages. Many donors who contribute highly appreciated but low yielding stock find that they are able to increase their annual income while making a very important gift.